I’d love a glass of fizz on Solent Forts – Chery Gibbs

The fabulous Spitbank Fort
The fabulous Spitbank Fort

The saying goes, ‘it never rains but it pours’ and that has been the case both literally and metaphorically this week. It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining begging the question, what happened to our glorious summer?

And work-wise it hasn’t stopped either.

We’ve been over on the Solent Forts filming all week. And I have to say it’s been a real eye-opener.

I’ve always wanted to visit the forts and I remember standing on Southsea beach, looking over at them as a child. I’d wonder what they were and who lived over there. 

In fact, if memory serves me correctly, I used to recall seeing someone row back and forth from the forts to the mainland. Or did I make that up?

It could possibly be true given that someone used to live on No Man’s Fort. 

If you’ve ever been there you will know how beautiful the atrium is. It was that chap who installed it. 

I’ve spent time over at Spitbank, which is the more intimate of the two forts as it only has eight bedrooms, whereas No Man’s has more than 20.

But both are genuinely fascinating places to visit or stay.

It’s strange really because when you are over there, you genuinely do feel extremely isolated, but I think it totally adds to its charm and appeal. 

The forts are such unique places.

I went on one of their guided history tours and although I was supposed to be filming and directing, I found myself engrossed in finding out about its diverse past and the role it played during the wars.

Here’s a fun fact for you. Did you know the forts are generally self-sufficient in that they have their own water supply and run from their own generators?

They were built to protect Portsmouth from a French invasion but the water water supply is direct from France – the very country it was designed to be protected from!

Although I was working I really did enjoy my time over there – I just wish I could have experienced it from a customer’s perspective as I can imagine its charm is even more captivating with a glass of champers in hand!

Three cheers for all those special family milestones 

There have been three big birthday celebrations this week so when I say it’s been manic, I mean personally too.

It was our niece Millie’s 18th birthday on Tuesday and I can hardly believe it. 

We’re truly proud of the beautiful woman she’s become and I am perhaps biased but she is one stunning woman inside and out. This weekend my uncle Nigel turns 60 and so does my mother-in-law, Jackie.

That’s three big milestones in my family’s lives and I was and will be there to celebrate with them all.

Life is busy and it gets frantic, but nothing’s more important than sharing those memories with the ones we love the most.

Shucsheshfully shozzled at a tasty dishcount – hiccup! 

It took me years to get aboard the Aldi and Lidl train.

Everyone else was thrilled about the discount grocery shops’ offerings. 

Meanwhile, I was being the snob who would rather spend more money at another store.

More fool me. 

However, I am now well and truly on board that train now – have any of you tried their gin?

It’s unbelievable, it really is.

However, what I didn’t realise at my sister Michelle’s family barbecue is it's 40 per cent proof and blew my head off.

For the cheap price of £14.99 I managed to get successfully sozzled on two glasses. Happy days!