‘I fear the worst for when Domino’s opens in our village’

CHEESED OFF Christopher Wood is not happy about a Domino's Pizza opening in Stubbington
CHEESED OFF Christopher Wood is not happy about a Domino's Pizza opening in Stubbington
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WHEN Domino’s Pizza opens in Stubbington in the summer, I fear the worst.

I believe that littering will increase in our village.

I say this because the majority of the bins in Stubbington are not actually large enough to fit the pizza boxes in.

The popular Imperial Garden Chinese restaurant, which Domino’s is replacing, didn’t add to the litter problem because people either ate in the restaurant or at home.

Domino’s is only a takeaway so I fear that people will eat in the village and leave their rubbish behind.

Our villagers were up in arms in 2010 when Domino’s last tried to force their way into Stubbington and a petition was formed objecting to them moving in.

The council must have known that villagers were not in favour, why then has it now been allowed?

A popular restaurant has been forced out by this multi-national corporate company.

The public have raised their concerns with me, these being that traffic will increase, delivery vehicles will have difficulty parking, that the premises is not in keeping with the village, that it encourages unhealthy eating and littering.

What has annoyed our villagers more than anything is that they feel they were not properly informed. I could not find any literature from the council that even mentioned it.

People are angry that they have not been told of changes taking place, so they couldn’t make their opinions known.

I do eat Domino’s every now and then as they deliver from Fareham. Because of that, I feel that we don’t need one here. I believe that the character of our village is being damaged. No wonder villagers are unhappy.