'I hope the death spiral will keep me Dancing on Ice'

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HAMPSHIRE cricket star Dominic Cork is hoping 'the death spiral' will help keep him in TV reality show, Dancing on Ice.

The daring dance move will involve Dominic spinning his professional skating partner, Alexandra Schauman, only a few inches off the ice by holding her hand as she circles around him.

He hopes it will save him in the ITV1 competition for another week.

Speaking to The News Dominic said: 'Since last week's show we have been practising hard and I will also be doing the death spiral move.

'It's quite dangerous and I need to make sure I get it spot on.

'There were a few mistakes last week, but on the whole I had a great time and I can only improve.

'I was more nervous waiting to hear if my name would be called out by Phillip Schofield to say who had gone to the next round.

'That and being in the tunnel while your video tape is shown and you're getting ready to go out, is pretty scary.

'I'm looking forward to this week's song, I won't say what it is, but it's not as cheeky as the first one, but more of a love song.'

The England and Hampshire all-rounder danced to Elton John's Are You Ready for his debut show.

He was saved by judges and was even told by judge Jason Gardiner, who is known for making controversial remarks, that he had showmanship potential.

Alexandra said: 'I enjoy dancing with Dominic and this week will be good.

'As he is tall and I am quite short, it means we have an advantage when it comes to doing lifts.

'But they are always tricky and we need to make sure we get them right.'

Dominic is hoping readers of The News will once again support him during tomorrow's live show and vote to keep him in.

He added: 'I'm having such a great time and I don't want to go, so I want people to keep me in.'

Dancing On Ice start at 6.10pm tomorrow. The programme is on ITV1.