‘I’m absolutely loving my new role’

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Reverend Amy Webb, deacon at Botley, Curdridge and Durley, talks about settling into her new position and the help that she has received

I was ordained as deacon at Portsmouth Cathedral back in July.

I’ve completed exactly four months in this new role at Botley, Curdridge and Durley and I can honestly say that I absolutely love it.

For one thing, the role is so varied.

There are great joys such as helping to do weddings and baptisms, leading school assemblies, taking communion to the housebound, special services to bless pets, music festivals, fundraising events for charities, planning and leading church services and, a recent favourite activity of mine, putting together a playlist for our Messy Church ‘Light Party’.

There are also great sadness’ such as visiting the gravely ill and those in the last stages of life, helping with funerals and supporting the bereaved.

However, even the most deeply sad experiences also seem like the most tremendous privilege.

Despite having spent three years at theological college I am very much learning ‘on the job’ and frequently feel out of my depth.

Fortunately I have the support of my training minister, the Rev Gregg Mensingh, who guides and supervises me, helping me to reflect when things go a bit wrong.

I’m also supported by the wider ministry team which includes retired clergy, lay readers and churchwardens and, of course, all the lovely people in my congregations.

Being a Deacon asks big things of you.

My family and I have had to move from Fareham to start a new life in Botley, leaving behind our church and support network of many years.

We’ve had to find new school places for our children and to begin to build new friendships.

My role also means that I am often out in the evenings at meetings or church events which impacts upon family life, but we’re learning to make the most of our time together.

However, despite all this, nothing can compare to the joy of feeling that you are doing the work God has called you to do, and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

n St Benefice of All Saints’ Botley with St. Peter’s Curdridge and Holy Cross Durley is a group of three churches.

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