I'm off to Timbuktu!

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Met admits undercover police officer took part in Hampshire fur farm raid

Intrepid John Gledson will spend Christmas away from home and trekking to Timbuktu in a bid to raise money in memory of his mother.

John and his brother Tony will travel to Mali, Africa, in a 1991 Peugeot 406 in memory of their mum Maureen, who died from a brain tumour in June this year at the age of 63.

They will cover between 4,500 and 5,000 miles during their mammoth trip raising money for Brain Tumour UK.

The pair will leave Portsmouth on Thursday and aim to reach their destination by January 4.

John 42, from Sydney Road in Gosport, said: 'It's about the mystique of Timbuktu. It's a place that people have heard of but very few people have ever been to or know where it is.

'I thought this rally would be something to get into. I thought it might grab some attention to raise some money for charity. It was all good fun a few months ago but now I'm a bit apprehensive. It's a good test, it's a challenge.

'I'm very keen to see it through. I want to face everything that comes up. I think mum would be very proud of us for doing this.'

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