‘I’m racing for Terry’

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THE loss of her brother-in-law inspired Mandy Lance to do both the Great North and South runs.

Terry Kimber was a detective with Hampshire Constabulary for 20 years until his death from a rare type of cancer in 2010.

From left, Deborah and Mandy Lance (151752-709)

From left, Deborah and Mandy Lance (151752-709)

His partner Debra Lance, from Hilsea, cheered her sister on as she pounded the streets yesterday in aid of AMMF, which researches cholangiocarcinoma, a type of liver cancer.

Mandy, 53, said: ‘My sister nursed Terry so well. Five years after his death I feel I’m finally getting her back.

‘He was a great guy, and only 49 when he died.

‘There wasn’t even any sign that he was ill. He was fit and active but suddenly struck with something that took him away. I feel lucky to have made it to my age. These races are for Terry.’