‘I’m tackling bad behaviour in dogs at source - the owner’

EXPERT Dog behaviourist Jeannette Dennis
EXPERT Dog behaviourist Jeannette Dennis
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WITH dog attacks hitting the headlines and the proposed changes in the law regarding dogs, they are having a rough time.

Despite programs on the TV concerning the behaviour and training of dogs, people are still naive as to what the dog really needs from its owner.

There is still a big misconception that providing a home, food and exercise is all the dog needs to be good.

I am a qualified dog behaviourist with an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

I chose to specialise in domestic dogs from the start and thus was able to get a real in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the dog ‘ticks’.

In addition, I have researched the development of the dog from its ancestors, the wolf, and have done a talk on this, which was well received.

Having worked as a behaviourist in homes of dog owners, I have found that the majority of owners are just unable to accept that it is they who need to change in order to help their dog.

So I have decided to approach the problem at its source rather than dealing with the end.

I would like to give talks freely to groups, large or small who would really like to know how the dog thinks and behaves, therefore enabling them to be a better owner.

The talks are for existing owners, prospective owners and even those who do not like dogs (there are methods on how to avoid a dog correctly). I am currently trying to organise one in my home and hopefully expand on this.

If this is of any interest, I would be happy to discuss it further. You can contact me by email at jjdennis57@gmail.com.