I put the pub before sorting out our shopping delivery

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Last week something happened that made me realise in future I won’t be taking my mobile phone to the pub.

It was Friday evening between 7pm and 9pm and we were scheduled to receive a supermarket shopping delivery. Normally they come just after 7pm as I think the delivery drivers want to get finished early.

I was surprised his wife didn’t make him sleep on the front lawn when she found out what he’d done

I had arranged with some fellow dads to go to the pub just after 7pm.

Everything was going well and I was just about to quench my thirst on a pint when suddenly my phone rang and my wife said ‘you need to come home now because the shopping hasn’t been delivered and I need to go out to collect the kids from youth club.’

I apologised to my mates and hurried home. Luckily Asda were already waiting for me and I quickly set about tipping the weekly shop all over the kitchen floor.

Sadly I didn’t have time to put everything away as I had a pint waiting for me at the bar. Well, it would have been a waste, wouldn’t it?

Lou was outraged that I prioritised beer above the weekly shop.

Lou: Jez really needs to sort out his priorities.

Last week he put a pint above his family’s entire supply of food for that week!

I understand being called back from the pub to deal with an Asda delivery isn’t very cool and it meant he was missing out on time with his mates.

So I can forgive him leaving the non-perishable items on the floor. Even the fruit and veg is okay.

But leaving anything that needed to go in the fridge or, more importantly, the freezer, is unforgiveable.

For someone who loves food as much as he does, he’s got his priorities totally wrong.

He’s normally moaning about how expensive everything is, so I’m amazed he didn’t take into account the fact he was potentially wasting £120 of food that needed to be kept cool.

I was surprised his wife didn’t make him sleep on the front lawn when she found out what he’d done.

If I was her, I wouldn’t let him go back out to the pub with his mates any time soon.