‘I still can’t believe we are not more prepared for snow’

GOOD WITH A BROOM Chloe Oliver got stuck in to clear her driveway
GOOD WITH A BROOM Chloe Oliver got stuck in to clear her driveway

Wallet taken from vehicle

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IT was only a matter of weeks ago that we were all stuffing our faces with mince pies and singing Sinatra’s ‘let it snow’ to the full extent of our lung capacity.

But fast-forward to last Friday and it seemed everyone ate their words.

Mayhem ensued as everyone realised the forecasts were, for once, entirely correct and bundles of fluffy snow were starting to fall and land fast.

I woke to a frantic call from my dad in Havant, explaining he was leaving work 
early as it looked like now or never.

My mum had ventured to Havant Tesco and the snow had settled so adamantly that she, along with other customers, were forced to abandon their cars at the supermarket car park in the hope of travelling home safely.

It seemed by 11am that the motorways, as well as back roads in Havant, were gridlocked and after being stuck for 50 minutes in a journey that would ordinarily take ten, my dad called to decide how the car would get home.

The trouble being, we have a long drive and it was currently hiding under a good few inches of snow.

After much deliberation, I decided on a broom and began to sweep the snow.

I must’ve talked to at least half of Emsworth passing – from kids excited at the prospect of snowman-making, to elderly couples cautiously making their way through the snow.

I still can’t believe that we as a country are not more prepared for the snow.

One of my best friends experienced her employers forcing their staff to stay at work when the long journey home was becoming almost undoable.

Someone’s safety is always more important than a job.

Now, hopefully, we have snowed ourselves out. Bring on the sunshine!