I thought that bird feeder was squirrel proof..!

Sandra Carter's picture of the crafty squirrel
Sandra Carter's picture of the crafty squirrel
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THIS is supposed to be a squirrel-proof bird feeder – but it didn’t out-smart one crafty creature.

The feeder had flummoxed his friends but the hungry animal was determined not to be beaten, squeezing through protective wiring to get to the bird nuts inside.

The intruder was captured on camera by Sandra Carter in her garden in Rodney Close, Gosport.

The 57-year-old support worker said the grey squirrel had become a regular visitor in recent months.

She and her husband, Richard, 63, invested in the £20 Gardman squirrel-proof feeders after watching the greedy animal devour the nuts from all their other feeders.

Ms Carter said: ‘This particular squirrel is very greedy and very clever.

‘He comes into the garden a dozen times a day to eat from the bird feeders.

‘The poor birds hardly get a look-in – they just sit in the surrounding trees waiting for him to finish.

‘We’ve tried so many things to stop him. We tried making our own squirrel-proof feeders but he always works them out.

‘Once we tried hanging bird feeders on wires out of his reach but he managed to get to them by tight-rope walking. When we saw a squirrel-proof feeder on sale we thought it was the answer to all our problems. But I peered out of the window one day and was stunned to see he was inside one of the feeders, eating all the nuts.’

When Ms Carter wrote to Gardman to inform them of what had happened she was refunded the cost of both feeders.

She said: ‘I said it was perhaps time to go back to the drawing board and they gave me my money back.

‘My husband and I have now given up trying to outwit the squirrel. It is very frustrating but you can’t deny he’s a clever little animal and I admire his tenacity.’

Jane Lawler, marketing director at Gardman, said: ’Our squirrel-proof feeder is designed to keep squirrels out but to let as many birds as possible into the feeder.

‘Very occasionally, some skinnier squirrels squeeze through and with all the extra food this one is eating, it won’t fit through the bars for long.’