I’ve failed to teach my kids all the manners they need

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Last week on the show we spoke about how important good manners are. To my shock I suddenly realised that I have failed to teach my kids everything they need to know about good manners.

They have obviously been told to always say their pleases and thank-yous, and right now my wife is in the process of sending out their Christmas thank-you notes.

But I’m ashamed to say there are some good manners that Josh and Erin know nothing about. When it comes to mealtimes I have never really enforced the elbows off the table rule. So whenever my parents visit they always say ‘elbows on the table’ to me.

Also, the rule about waiting for everybody to be seated with their meal before you start tucking in is something I have never really practised.

The problem is I’m so greedy myself that as soon as food appears I get stuck straight in. Sometimes me and the kids will have almost finished our meals when my wife just sits down with hers.

In future maybe we should have staggered meal times so we can all finish at the same time!

Lou: To me, manners are pretty fundamental to society. If we’re not polite and courteous to each other, then what’s the point?

Jez told me this week that he hasn’t taught his kids to hold doors open for others, or to wait until everyone is served before tucking into their dinner.

Now I’m not bothered about old-fashioned chivalry, as the idea that men should always put women first is totally outdated.

However surely it is simply courteous and kind to hold the door for someone, be they a man or a woman? And as for not waiting for others to be served before eating your own food, it’s not the end of the world if it’s just you and the family eating.

But when you’re out in a restaurant or you have guests round, then it’s rather rude.

I also can’t stand selfish people who don’t give up their seats for the elderly or pregnant women. As you can probably tell I’m very much looking forward to being a grumpy old woman who yells at troublesome youngsters!