'I want to help others who have lost a baby'

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When Helen Macrae lost her baby earlier this year, she decided to help others going through the same trauma.

Helen was 31 weeks pregnant when her baby, Jackson, was stillborn on May 16.

Now, in a bid to raise awareness and funds for charity, the 33-year-old has set up her own business making jewellery, gift boxes and baby clothes.

Helen, from Upper St Michael's Grove in Fareham, said: 'It was one of the most horrific times in my life.

'It's such a taboo subject, but it happens to a lot of women. You just don't realise until it happens to you how common it is in the scheme of things, especially after I heard about what happened to Lily Allen.

'She had a stillbirth after six months.

'I want to try and raise awareness.

'To try and help me get through my grief I have set up an online shop to donate all the proceeds to charity.'

Helen had been informed 20 weeks into her pregnancy that Jackson had a bad heart and she then had to make the decision about whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. She said: 'I don't think I could have lived with myself if I couldn't give him a chance.

'When I found out he had gone it was like my world had crumbled and my heart just shattered into pieces.

'It's just so devastating. You do feel like you are completely alone.

'I was lucky that I had a really supportive family.

'It's a bit surreal. You don't feel like it's happening to you.

'I went to counselling about a month after it happened. I was just trying to think of ways to get through my grief.'

Helen's business is called JFM Unique Boutique - the initials represent her son's name, Jackson Fox Macrae.

The money is being donated to Baby Lifeline - a mother and baby charity which raises money for neo-natal units, and Bears of Comfort, which provides teddy bears with the child's name on it to parents who have recently lost their baby.

She said: 'It brings you so much comfort to see your child's name on something you can hug.

'And for people that can't afford them, they will do it for free.'

To find out more, visit jfmuniqueboutique.vpweb.co.uk