‘I wish you all a very messy Christmas’

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Alex Hughes, families worker at St Mary’s, Hook with Warsash, talks about the church’s upcoming Messy Church events

No, hang on, that’s not quite right, is it?

It should be merry, but when you come to think about it the very first Christmas was quite messy wasn’t it?

The shepherds weren’t neatly scrubbed clean and the stable wasn’t clean and tidy, far from it, like the images we see on Christmas cards would make us believe.

The shepherds worked out in the fields in all weathers and so they would really have been quite smelly and the stable would have been a really messy and quite noisy place too.

And that’s why we’re celebrating Christmas at St Mary’s Messy Church next Thursday – December 10 – by exploring the real story of the first Christmas.

Our Messy Church is the perfect opportunity for children and their parents, grandparents and carers to learn about faith through fun activities.

And there will be lots of fun activities and games for all ages at our special ‘real Nativity jigsaw’ Messy Church including decorating angel biscuits, making messy cow pats out of clay and making sock puppets.

The shepherds probably wouldn’t have worn socks like in the alternative words to the Christmas Carol ‘While Shepherds Watched…’ but they might have worn sandals, and socks would have helped to keep them warm wouldn’t they?

We’ll also be having camel racing because that is how we think the wise men would have travelled across the desert to meet Jesus for the very first time.

There will be around seven or eight activities in total and when you’ve visited each activity you’ll be given a piece of jigsaw puzzle to build a picture with.

When you’ve had a go at all of the activities there will be one piece missing and that will be completed during a short service which we will have in church.

We’ll then finish by sharing some food together.

If you’ve not been before why not come along and give it a try?

It all happens from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. It’d be great to welcome you.

n St Mary’s Church is in Church Road, Warsash.

Contact: enquiries@stmarywarsash.org.uk or 01489 570846

on Sundays, the traditional service starts at 8am, the family service starts at 10am and the evening service starts at 6pm. Visit stmarywarsash.org.uk to find out more about the church and upcoming events.