Incredible contrast of events attended

VARIED The Mayor of Fareham Mike Ford has enjoyed a mix of local events
VARIED The Mayor of Fareham Mike Ford has enjoyed a mix of local events
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Mayor of Fareham Mike Ford looks back at some of the events he has attended over the last few months.

The daily life of a Mayor really does throw up some incredible contrasts with the events that we attend. Never more can this have been emphasised than at the end of July.

On July 25 we were invited by the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth to view from Southsea Castle, the absolute leading edge of sailors and their craft in the America’s Cup.

To witness these incredible sailors lift these boats up on to their foils to shoot through the waves at incredible speeds, was a spectacle to behold.

Fast forward seven days to the slightly more sedate setting of Fareham Creek, where the no less competitive Fareham Raft Race took place.

No Ben Ainslie’s nor super foils here, but a range of (just about seaworthy) craft cobbled together with lumps of wood, twine and oil drums.

No wind assistance for these hardy sailors, just hard work rowing.

Unfortunately, poor engineering meant that the ladies team did not even make it to the start; their craft broke up pretty soon after it entered the water! No time for sea tests for these busy folk! As I said, contrasts.

This summer has seen us attend a number of Women’s Institute (WI) events in celebration of their centenary and each of these have been lovely.

One amusing invitation came from the Warsash WI who themselves were also celebrating their 96th birthday.

But the applicant could not understand why she had to fill a form in to formally invite us, as she was my 91-year-old mum!

‘Surely this gets me an exemption?’ she pleaded. Sorry, no!

On the following day, we opened the Sarisbury Junior School’s Strawberry Fayre, another lovely event, this time the applicant being my (governor) daughter Lynsey. Ah, nothing like keeping it in the family!

Are there any downsides to this wonderful job?

Well not really, except the waistline!

We get so well looked after at all of the events we attend, with coffee and cake as almost a staple.

National Care Home Open Day back in June was a case in point.

Three visits that included pastries and coffee in the morning, a buffet at lunch time and judging the cake baking competition in the afternoon.

This consisted of five categories with four cakes in each – phew!

My gym membership remains in full use!