Inline roller hockey players beat record

The 'Inline Roller Hockey Marathon
The 'Inline Roller Hockey Marathon

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DEDICATED inline roller skaters have broken a world record in style, playing a hockey game for 30 hours non-stop.

The team of 32 players started on Saturday morning at 10.03am and finished at 3.03pm on Sunday, taking into account the clocks changing.

Each player was on the pitch, at Solent Arena, in Fareham, for one hour, earning a five minute convenience break for each hour.

The players, drawn from the Fareham Wildcats and other teams across the area, were put into a yellow and blue teams.

The yellow team won 376 to 190.

Organiser Setti Mulari said a goalie even continued with a broken collarbone.

The Fareham Wildcats player said: ‘It was absolutely fantastic, we had a fair few people in there at the end of it.

‘Everybody was in good spirits but aching.’