‘Is Clanfield seen as an easy pushover for these new houses?’

DEVELOPMENT More fields off Green Lane are being eyed up for new homes
DEVELOPMENT More fields off Green Lane are being eyed up for new homes

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I HAVE lived in Clanfield for 37 years, from the days when it was a village that was good to live in, where most people knew most people, and where you were proud to say “I live in Clanfield”.

When we were threatened with a 275-home development that would give a 15-per-cent population increase and stretch the village infrastructure to the limit – and beyond – we went through a democratic process of getting more than 2,000 people to express their opinions. The opinion was overwhelmingly against the development.

What happened? Democracy ignored us once again – that’s what happened.

Earlier this year when potential (housing) sites were presented to us to comment on, again we went through the democratic process of asking the village to comment, and 205 people responded, and those views were presented to East Hampshire District Council.

Now we discover that a late entry into the process has come out from our blind side and we now have 236 dwellings being put forward as a potential development for Green Lane/Chalton Lane.

We could sit back and do our democratic, orderly considerations, put in our objections and hope that those in higher places will do the right thing by us, and for the good of the village.

I know that our district councillors will fight tooth and nail for us but I think the time has come for us to be much more proactive ourselves, otherwise there is every chance that we will get dumped on again.

Is it that Clanfield is seen as an easy pushover?

Once we have more details about the latest development, I believe we need to be more vocal and active in getting our message across that enough is enough for Clanfield.