It could be time for you to switch supplier

IF you are finding it hard to pay all of your bills, it could be that you are paying too much for your gas and electricity.

Monday, 20th March 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:56 am
Citizens Advice Havant believe that loyal customers are being affected the most

IF you are finding it hard to pay all of your bills, it could be that you are paying too much for your gas and electricity.

Perhaps – and in many instances this can be even worse – you could be one of the millions of loyal customers in the United Kingdom who have never switched supplier, or moved from the standard tariff

Last week, E.ON announced price rises of 8.8 per cent on its annual dual fuel standard variable tariff. Meanwhile, other companies have also been raising their prices.

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Citizens’ Advice says it is loyal customers who will be most affected by the price rise.

The chief executive of the National Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Gillian Guy, said: ‘Once again, it’s the loyal customers who will be bearing the brunt of yet another steep price rise from a large energy firm.

‘Millions of E.ON customers on the standard variable tariff could find their bills have been pushed up further after years of paying more than other customers for the same gas and electricity.

‘It is positive that E.ON will identify some of its vulnerable customers on the standard variable tariff and make it easier for them to get the cheapest deal on offer.’

However, it is an absolute certainty that further action is needed, in order to lower the bills for loyal customers of all energy suppliers across Britiain.

Locally, Citizens’ Advice Havant has advisers on hand who can offer you a helping hand, especially if you find the idea of online switching daunting.

Citizens’ Advice has an independent online price comparison tool that can help people work out how much they could save by switching supplier; all you have to do is visit

We can show you how to use it and give you a list of companies and tariffs that could save you extra money.

If you are a pensioner, disabled or chronically sick, we can also help to sign you up to your supplier’s Priority Services Register, which means they will give you some extra help and support with your energy supply such as sending bills to a trusted relative, making you a priority in a power cut or even moving your meter so that you are able to read it better.

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