It’s a kind of magic at workshop for families


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PLATE spinning, juggling, and mastering how to ride a unicycle were some of the circus skills families got to learn at a workshop.

The Festive Family Fun class at Brodrick Hall, Gosport, was organised by magic teacher Matt Blossom, who runs classes for adults and children separately.

IN THE ACT Marie Noble, eight, during the circus family workshop. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133501-2)

IN THE ACT Marie Noble, eight, during the circus family workshop. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133501-2)

He said: ‘I’ve been teaching circus skills for years, but wanted to do something with children and adults together.

‘So I came up with the Festive Family Fun event.

‘It meant people could learn to juggle, ride a unicycle, use angel wings and spin plates, in one place.’

David Gibbs, 38, of The Avenue, in Alverstoke, took his children Edward and daughter Imogen, five.

He said: ‘We have done a few workshops. Edward goes every Thursday and Imogen has just started.

‘It’s great because they get to learn different skills while they learn each thing.

‘Edward has been learning about balance while using the unicycle.’

The eight-year-old said: ‘It’s a bit tricky, but I think I’m getting it.

‘I enjoy trying it and at the moment need to use the wall to lean on a little.

‘Soon I should be able to do it alone.’

Richard Baker-Jones took his grandchildren, Lucy Collins, five, and Alex Collins, three.

The 66-year-old, of Monckton Road, Alverstoke, learned how to spin plates.

He said: ‘It’s Christmas and I wanted to do something with the grandchildren and thought I would bring them to this circus tricks workshop.

‘It’s very new to me, so I learned a few things as well, like plate spinning.

‘It’s excellent and the children enjoyed themselves, along with me.’

At the end a small show was performed, with each person showing off the new skill they had learnt.