‘It’s a nightmare’: Portsmouth resident hits out at council as tree damages cars and windows

Steve Hatherley
Steve Hatherley
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A FRUSTRATED Portsmouth resident said he has had enough of intrusive trees by his house, despite the council’s assurance they are sufficiently maintained.

Steve Hatherley, of Ecton Lane, said the trees which line the path between his house and Anchorage Park have not been properly trimmed by the council’s contractors, Colas, for years

Trees adjoining Steve Hatherley's property in Anchorage Park

Trees adjoining Steve Hatherley's property in Anchorage Park

He criticised Portsmouth City Council, claiming their negligence has led to £160 worth of damage to his car.

The 53-year-old said: ‘It’s been a nightmare for a long, long time. It is affecting more and more where I live. The trees are right near our properties and they are overhanging.

‘They need to be trimmed right down. Parts of the trees are always breaking off, including twigs and sap, and the pathway gets covered in birds’ mess. It is disgusting.

‘My car, van and skylight are all covered in twigs and sap. The sap damaged my car, which cost £160 to repair. The damage is unbelievable.

‘Lots of other people in the road have also complained but with no success. My neighbours have all emailed the council as well. They just won’t maintain them properly.

‘They need to cut them down to a real decent level. I love trees in parks but not here.’

However, councillor for Copnor, Cllr Robert New, believed all the necessary work has been carried out.

He said: ‘Colas have been out on various occasions, as have the PFI team. This problem has been dealt with. The trees have been cut down within the remit.

‘The work wasn’t actually meant to be done until the end of the summer and we moved it to a couple of weeks ago. I put a lot of pressure on them to do it.

‘In this case it seems to be that whatever they do isn’t good enough.

‘The council have done everything they can, I think they have acted quite admirably.

‘The area could perhaps benefit from some kind of social active group that could deal with some of the shrubbery that is overgrowing there.’

But Mr Hatherley added: ‘My neighbour said he did see them come. But he said they snipped off a few leaves and left them there, which isn’t good enough.

‘I wish someone would meet me here. It’s all excuses. I have been chasing this for a long, long time.’