It’s challenge number eight for Paul who is travelling 100 miles

READY TO ROLL Paul Smith is doing 255 laps of the Emirates Stadium in his wheelchair
READY TO ROLL Paul Smith is doing 255 laps of the Emirates Stadium in his wheelchair
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DETERMINED Paul Smith is preparing for his next challenge – a gruelling 100 miles made up of 255 laps of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

The 55-year-old will be going to the London arena to do the journey in his wheelchair.

Every year for the past eight years, Paul has embarked on a difficult challenge to raise money for Save the Children.

But this year, it is the first time he will have a time limit.

He plans to complete the 255 laps in under seven hours.

To prepare himself, he has been going to the gym and doing hill training.

Paul, of Magdala Road, Cosham, said: ‘I’m looking forward to the challenge but adding the time limit has made it a lot harder.

‘I was going to the gym until last November and since then I have been out on the road going up hills and using the velodrome at the Mountbatten Centre.

‘I don’t think it’s the hardest challenge I have had to do yet but the time limit has made it difficult because I will have to think about that as well as the number of laps.

‘But it should be good and the surface outside the stadium is flat and is far from roads so it will be safe.’

Paul is hoping to raise £25,000 for the event which is on April 6.

So far, over the eight challenges, he has raised more than £1m.

But Paul said it is down to his crew and supporters.

He added: ‘It might be me physically doing the challenge, but without my crew who help me along the way and the people who support me, I wouldn’t have raised as much.

‘I donate all the money to Save the Children because it helps children who are suffering.

‘They are my inspiration to do the charity events because no child should have to suffer like they do. So they are the charity that I always pick.’

To make a donation to Paul, visit his Just Giving page at