It’s great to really bring history to life for our students

ALIVE Crookhorn College's Sam McGinley says history is an enriching experience
ALIVE Crookhorn College's Sam McGinley says history is an enriching experience

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Crookhorn’s history department believes it invigorates, inspires and broadens the horizons of its students and cultivates their skills in readiness for the ‘working world.

How does history dare to thrill, engage and educate beyond the ever-expanding boundaries of fascination, whether we like it or not, culture in 21st century brings?

Young people don’t demand dazzlement, but absolutely respond to intrigue and innovation in teaching, helping to spark curiosity and wonder so that discovery becomes innate.

There are trips to Hampton Court Palace, Jack the Ripper tours, Portchester Castle or seeing the Christmas truce in the Belgian trenches, weekends in Berlin or even students re-enacting the battle of Hastings on the actual battlefield.

Next year the school is fortunate enough to run a trip to New York and Washington, and what wonders behold there. We took Year 8 students wandering through the streets of Old Portsmouth to hear its tales of old, from rough old rogues and fallen women to its cosmopolitan coffee house culture.

There are so many other ways that can transport students beyond their desks.

Whether it is D-Day veterans, Holocaust survivors or Hitler’s neighbour, living history is a rare commodity that is running out fast.

Crookhorn’s GCSE historians had an opportunity to ask one such person and ask simple questions like ‘how did it all feel?’ which cannot be answered by any text book, powerpoint or film clip.

Students can still use this knowledge in an exam, but it also taps into their sense of humanity and therefore a true definition of an enriching experience.