It’s the Costa del Southsea!

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Storms have left Southsea with a sandy beach.

And as engineers worked to tip tons of stones back on to the shoreline this afternoon, regular walkers said they wished the new look could stay.

Southsea's sandy beach

Southsea's sandy beach

It’s estimated that more than 100 tons of stones and shingle were hurled on to the seafront road east of South Parade Pier, leaving a sandy stretch of more than 100 yards.

Colas workers cleared the road itself before starting the laborious task of shifting the stones over the sea wall and back on to the beach.

Friends Ursula Spraggs and Julie Andrew (pictured) were among the walkers enjoying the sight of sand at Southsea.

‘We walk along the beach regularly and have never seen it looking like this before,’ said Ursula.

Ursula Spraggs (left) and Julie Andrew

Ursula Spraggs (left) and Julie Andrew

‘It would be great for tourism if it could stay this way,’ added Julie.