‘It’s the easiest job and also the hardest job I’ve ever had’

CREATING DRAMA Havant writer Lucy Flannery
CREATING DRAMA Havant writer Lucy Flannery
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USUALLY when I get involved with a project, whether it’s for radio, TV or stage, the first thing I do is write the script.

Once the final draft is agreed with the director, it tends not to alter much after that, apart from the odd word or phrase that the cast might change.

But working with Havant-based theatre group SOOP means throwing all that out of the window.

SOOP like to devise their own shows, which always involve comedy, music, puppetry and a strong emphasis on physical stagecraft.

So collaborating as a developer on A Viking Tale, SOOP’s new piece of family-friendly theatre, means learning to work in a completely new way.

It’s the easiest job I’ve ever had – all I have to do is write down the funny things the performers have already come up with in the workshops.

It’s also the hardest job I’ve ever had, because if I included every hilarious thing this brilliant cast have created, the show would be over four hours long.

The challenge we face is distilling down the tale of Sigurd, the greatest Viking of them all, for a young audience.

Sigurd’s story comes from the epic Icelandic saga Volsunga which stretches over 200 pages.

SOOP and I have boiled it down to the very best bits – Viking battles, treasure, magic potions, a dwarf’s curse, a talking horse, a sleeping maiden, a Norse god, a ring of fire and, of course, a dragon!

It’s exciting, colourful, magical and best of all – it’s incredibly silly.

Don’t miss A Viking Tale at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre on Saturday, June 1 at 7pm. Tickets are £8/£7.20. Call (023) 9247 2700