It’s time providers stepped up and gave us all superfast broadband

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Broadband in the UK has been evolving at a rapid pace. 
As recently as 2004 only 50 per cent of UK households had internet connection. 
 Even in 2010, only 45 per cent of households had access to superfast services in the UK.

Compare this to today, when more than 80 per cent of the UK can access superfast broadband services, with services being made available to 40,000 extra premises every week and it is becoming more affordable as the average price of a broadband package decreased by 48 per cent between 2004 and 2012. 4G is also spreading rapidly across the UK.

Despite this, there are still areas of the country struggling with intermittent, poor or simply no connection to a network.

While extending superfast coverage to over 80 per cent of UK premises is an achievement this government should be proud of, we cannot forget the 17 per cent that have been left behind.

But this issue isn’t exclusive to the hard to reach rural areas of the country, but right here in Fareham.

People, families and businesses in Whiteley, Titchfield and Locks Heath are struggling on a daily basis just to get online.

This frustrates residents and stops local businesses from growing and capitalising on online markets.

In the digital era this cannot go on. Service providers must step up and government needs to identify areas for investment so everyone can share in the great work that has been done across the country.