It’s time to consider saving your local pub

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BEER lovers across the Portsmouth area are being called upon to save their local.

Co-operatives UK wants people to step in and consider investing in struggling pubs that would benefit from becoming community-owned.

Research from the company, which promotes the principle of everyone working together, shows that nearly a quarter of people in the south east would probably invest if they knew their pub was threatened with closure.

And at the same time, well over a third of residents across the area are set to visit their local up to five times this festive season.

Co-operative pubs are owned by members of the community, with everyone having an equal say and share of the profits.

The number of co-operatively owned pubs in the UK is growing.

There are now 22 in total, double that of last year.

It works by putting in a community share, and people donate from £50 up to £650.

Ed Mayo, secretary general of Co-operatives UK, said: ‘When much-loved facilities, such as village shops and pubs, are threatened communities can work together to save them by forming a co-operative.

‘Let’s raise a glass to these communities and hope that even more will follow suit in 2014.

Communities wanting to get involved can get advice and by contacting a pubs advice line on 01993 810730, which was set up earlier this year by the Plunkett Foundation.

It’s an organisation that supports co-operatives and social enterprises.

It’s received more than 100 calls since the initiative was set up in March.