‘It was instinct’ says man who saved crash driver

James Hennigan (27) at the spot where the accident took place
James Hennigan (27) at the spot where the accident took place
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IT HAPPENED so quickly James Hennigan hardly had time to think about what he was about to do.

While he was in the petrol station at Asda, in Bedhampton, he saw a car clip a kerb, shoot across the road in front of him, flip over and hit a tree.

He immediately ran to the driver’s aid and without hesitating pulled the middle aged woman to safety.

As reported in The News on Thursday, the silver Vauxhall Astra ended up on its roof on the embankment leading up to the supermarket.

Mr Hennigan, 27, from Apollo Drive, Purbrook, said: ‘I was just about to fill my car up with petrol when it happened.

‘It was instinct really. I ran over there, looked inside and could see there was a baby seat.

‘Fortunately there wasn’t a baby in there so I ran round to the driver’s side.

‘I asked her how she was feeling, if she could move and if her neck and chest hurt.

‘The window was totally smashed so I managed to get her underneath the arms and drag her out.

‘The car was smoking so I pulled her about 10ft clear before I went back and turned the engine off.

‘She was in complete shock and kept saying she couldn’t believe she’d lost all her shopping.

‘I said “don’t worry about your shopping, you just get better”.’

Mr Hennigan’s wife Emma-Jane called paramedics and the driver’s husband from her phone.

Thankfully the woman suffered only minor cuts and bruising.

She was taken to the hospital for a check up as a precaution.

Mr Hennigan, a former soldier, said he believes the accident happened when the driver tried to avoid another car on the roundabout and accidentally clipped the kerb.

The driver and her husband have been in contact with the Hennigans thanking them for all their help.

He said: ‘Her husband rang me and said she is stable but still shaken up.

‘He said she was very, very lucky to walk away from an accident like that.’