Joint Tour bid between two cities could be just the ticket

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Later this year some of the world’s best sailors will be descending on Portsmouth to compete in the America’s Cup World Series regatta.

The world’s top runners arrive in the city annually to take part in the Great South Run.

World-famous musical acts draw in huge crowds on our seafront and open spaces.

And Portsmouth proves itself capable time and again of handling large-scale events with its own unique flair.

So we are unashamedly excited to hear the council is progressing its plans to put in a bid to host a future race of the Tour de France.

Our city is getting a reputation for being able to hold a good party.

Just look at the success of festivals such as Victorious and Mutiny, which have gone from strength to strength.

Going back in time a little Portsmouth did an excellent job of hosting events like the Trafalgar 200 International Fleet Review and every year puts itself on the national stage with the Great South Run.

As Councillor Donna Jones says today: ‘We need to make the bid unique but well-organised.’

Quite, as members of the public have been let down too many times in the past by grand ideas let down by poor execution. But today’s news that the council is looking to join one of our international twin cities – the beautiful French tourist hotspot of Caen – certainly bodes well.

In recent years certain public figures have decried Portsmouth as a place that is becoming a ‘museum city’.

Firstly we would say our outstanding museums are nothing to criticise.

But in any case, while the city does a fantastic job of embracing its past, its future plans are looking a pretty good draw as well.