Jordan feels down, but we hope that he reconsiders

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You’d think any charity would be unlikely to refuse cash from someone willing to donate.

But that’s precisely what’s happened to young Jordan Greenwood.

The 16-year-old was told by the British Heart Foundation not to put on his variety show at Southsea’s Kings Theatre – despite him already spending nearly £800 of his own money and selling 150 tickets.

Surely Jordan’s selfless attitude is exactly the sort that should be applauded in society – and especially among young people.

The passionate and talented teenager wanted to raise cash for the BHF – as he has done in the past.

But now, upset and annoyed at the rejection, he has vowed never to offer donations to the charity again.

But perhaps it is Jordan’s age that is the real issue here.

Bosses at the BHF and the Kings feared the ‘ambitious’ show wouldn’t cover its costs.

Jordan would clearly argue otherwise.

Yet in the not-too-distant past other charities have been criticised for pressurising potential donors.

So we are happy to see the BHF showing a duty of care to Jordan in this case.

So rather than a cold-hearted move to stop the student putting on a charity show, the decision seems to have been made instead to ensure he does not put his own finances in jeopardy.

Still, the charity might live to regret the way in which it has dealt with the matter.

Because if Jordan does stop putting his talents to good use in the future by raising money for the BHF, then it would be a loss.

We hope he reconsiders.