Jubilee book will be town’s present to Her Majesty

PRESENT The Jubilee book
PRESENT The Jubilee book
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IT WILL be the voice of the people of Havant as they join together to congratulate The Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.

The pages of the message book are currently blank, but they will soon be filled with the thoughts of hundreds of people as they mark the historic milestone.

The new mayor of Havant, who will be Hart Plain councillor Gerald Shimbart, will be the first citizen to sign the book on May 25.

It was the idea of Angie Rose, who runs Energie Fitness For Women, in North Street, Havant, opposite Waitrose.

The 40-year-old said: ‘We thought it would be something nice for the community.

‘It’s a heck of a milestone.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity to give people the chance to pass on their best wishes to the Queen.’

Mrs Rose said the longevity of the Queen’s reign was incredible.

‘I can remember my mum taking me to a celebration when I was a little girl, the Silver Jubilee,’ she said.

‘It’s amazing it’s still the same Queen.’

Mrs Rose is hoping to be able to deliver the book personally to Buckingham Palace.

But she still doesn’t have a clue what she’s going to write.

She laughed: ‘I will wait to see what other people write first.’

The book can be signed in the gym reception.