Judge orders Pop Idol to repay debt

Mother of two snubbed after helping Korben find fame.

Pop Idol Korben snubbed the woman who helped him find fame by giving her children's concert tickets to his drug dealer.

The astonishing claim came from Mary Wille, of Everard Road, Goldington, who claimed the singer on the hit ITV television show owed her 2,614 money she gave him over three years to boost his pop career.

And on Thursday the judge at Bedford County Court agreed ordering Korben to repay the entire sum, plus 195 costs and 485 witnesses' expenses.

After the case Mrs Wille said: "I'm just so pleased it's over. It's been a very stressful experience."

Her friendship with Korben, real name Chris Niblett, came to an abrupt end in March this year when he was appearing in a Pop Idol concert at Wembley Arena.

Married-mum-of-two Mrs Wille, had driven down to the concert with her children and husband Trevor to see runner-up Korben, who had promised backstage tickets.

But arriving late she found Korben, 22, who she befriended as a fellow employee at Eastern Energy in 1999, had given the tickets away.

And she claimed in court: "I discovered he had given his backstage tickets to his drug dealer and another man. My children were very disappointed as they had been promised backstage passes.

"He had put drugs before myself and my children after all we had been through. "

Mrs Wille told the court she first befriended homosexual Mr Niblett, of Kempston, at work.

She said: "He invited me to karaoke where he got up and sang. I couldn't believe the talent he had. I gave Christopher my word I would assist him in his pop career."

It began an astonishing three years in which Mrs Wille frequently stumped up cash for Mr Niblett, who was often out of work.

Mrs Wille claimed she:

** Accompanied him to auditions for Michael Barrymore's My Kind Of Music and BBC's A Star For A Night

** Paid for his prescriptions after an operation in 1999

** Bought him pillows and bed-linen for his new flat in Milton Ernest

** Bought him drinks and cigarettes and paid for petrol and food

** Took him on holiday to the Isle Of Wight

** Bought him tickets for a Craig David concert and karaoke CDs.

She said: "He gave me repeated and regular verbal assurances he would pay back every penny."

Korben, who occasionally broke down in court, told how his mother had agreed to write a cheque for 80 to cover the cost of Mrs Wille's help over the three-year friendship.

And he brought jeers by saying of Mrs Wille: "She tried to seduce me into bed one evening."