Judge stuck in Portsmouth Crown Court lift

The fire service at Portsmouth Crown Court
The fire service at Portsmouth Crown Court
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AN UNLUCKY judge got stuck in a lift while heading to court.

Firefighters from Southsea station were called to Portsmouth Crown Court yesterday just before 2pm.

A female judge had become stuck in a lift on a lower floor of the court building.

Watch manager Jason Boh said: ‘We had a person stuck in a lift.

‘They got in the left, pressed the button and heard a clonk and it said “out of order”.

‘We just used the lift keys to open the lift doors and they were ok.

‘It was the lower floor and it was all okay.’

She was freed by the fire crew by 2.15pm.

Lifts were also out of action at Fareham Borough Council’s Civic Offices for all of yesterday.

Maintenance crews were drafted in to repair them but they were not fixed by 6pm and the council’s scheduled executive meeting was held in the civic office’s lobby.