Jury hear knife-wielding man said ‘I’m going to kill them’

WITNESSES have told a jury how they saw a man waving a knife and making threats.

Kevin Penman is on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court for four offences, including grievous bodily harm with intent on a 17-year-old boy who had two fingers ‘severed’ in an altercation in Copnor Takeaway in Portsmouth in May.

POlice at the scene at Copnor Takeaway in Portsmouth

POlice at the scene at Copnor Takeaway in Portsmouth

Prosecutor Simon Foster told jurors it was ‘a violent incident’ that resulted in the injuries.

Richard Hills was at his partner’s address in Copnor Road when the incident occurred.

During evidence, he said: ‘I saw a girl and a man with a knife who was waving it in front of someone’s face.

‘It looked very threatening to me.’

The incident took place on May 19 in Copnor Road between 11.15pm and 11.50pm and involved two groups of youths.

The court heard Mr Hills’ partner called the police after she saw a man with a knife on the other side of a street.

In regards to the man holding a knife, Mr Hills said: ‘He told the group of youths “I am going to kill them all”.’

When questioned by Jeffrey Lamb, defending, about his statement, Mr Hills confirmed he had also heard ‘voices’ saying ‘get him’.

Copnor Takeaway worker Jiang Lee was on shift at the time of the incident.

Through an interpreter, Mr Lee identified three individuals who came into the takeaway including a man wearing ‘grey sportswear’.

He said: ‘The first person rushed into the kitchen and picked up a knife and came out.’

Mr Lee confirmed that although there was CCTV in the takeaway, it was not recording at the time.

Penman, 26, of Copnor Road, was arrested shortly after the altercation by PC Georgina Laycock.

PC Laycock said: ‘The man I stopped was later identified to me as Mr Penman.’

The officer arrested him on suspicion of assault before he was further arrested for affray at a police station.

During defence questioning, PC Laycock said: ‘I noticed an injury to his left little finger and an injury to the bridge of his nose. He had visible blood.’