Karl Law timeline of events

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THE timeline of events below runs from the moment Fareham man Karl Law was last seen to the tragic news that his body had been found.

It was confirmed today that a body found in the Vltava river, in Prague, has been identified as Mr Law.

No Caption ABCDE PPP-141130-192035001

No Caption ABCDE PPP-141130-192035001

November 14 – Stag party flies out to Prague to celebrate the impending marriage of Lee Cross.

November 15 – Karl Law is seen for the last time around midnight outside a bar.

November 16 – Rest of the stag party realise Karl has not returned to the hotel. His disappearance is reported to Czech police.

November 17 – Ten members of the stag party fly home while Mr Law’s brother Craig and cousin Steve Stock stay and begin the search in earnest.

Mr Law misses he son Lenny’s third birthday.

November 18 – Family members fly in to Prague to join the search. British Embassy confirms it is now involved and offering consular assistance.

Posters put up around the city appealing for help to find Mr Law.

Dozens of family and friends gather at a fundraising night at the Hoeford Inn, Fareham, to raise money to send more people to help search for Mr Law in Prague.

November 19 – Family members make their first television appeal on Czech news to find Mr Law.

November 20 – Lee Cross, whose stag do Mr Law was on, spoke of his frustration at an apparent lack of help from police in Prague. He was one of four people who had put up more than 1,000 posters across the city in the days since Mr Law disappeared.

November 21 – More than 250 people gather at Hill Park Memorial Working Men’s Club, in Highlands Road, Fareham, for a further fundraiser to pay to keep members of the search party in Prague.

November 23 – Party at Club V, in Fareham, brought the total to £4,000 for the search party.

November 24 – Czech private detective is hired to help Mr Law’s family in the search around the city and outlying areas. The website findkarl.eu goes live in Czech and English with a photo gallery of pictures of Mr Law.

November 25 – Hopes are raised when Czech police issue a statement saying: ‘The missing person was seen, to be specific, on November 16 at the Palacký square and a day later in the area of the National Theatre.’

Previously the most recent sighting was in the early hours of Sunday, November 17.

November 27 – Searchers’ hopes are raised again when a German man who works with homeless people told them he was ‘100 per cent certain’ he had seen Mr Law on November 23.

He said he had seen him just five minutes from the hotel the search were staying in. Mr Cross said he was confident it was his cousin the man had seen.

November 30 – Steve Stock discovers a body during a search in an industrial area of the city. It is quickly established that it is not Mr Law, but a Czech national.

December 4 – Karl Law’s 35th birthday. His fiancé Amanda Collins tells The News she has told her son Lenny that his father has gone on a fishing trip and said: ‘I’m still very positive.’

December 7 – Mr Law’s mother Sue flies out to Prague to join the search. A body is found in a river in Prague but Karl Law’s family are adamant it is not him as he was wearing different clothes and shoes.

December 8 – Mr Law’s fiancée confirms the body found in Vltava river is him.