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Winchester jail put in special measures

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RESIDENTS in Gosport are being urged to contact the council if they see groups of travellers on council-owned land.

The council enforcement team is doubling its efforts to keep the borough safe.

The nice weather has a tendency to attract traveller groups looking for land on which to set up home and there have already been two sightings last week.

Councillor Graham Burgess, chairman of the community and environment board, said: ‘In recent years the team, together with the police, have done an excellent job in turning them around and moving them on quickly, but we have had problems in the past with them gaining access to land at Stokes Bay, the Alver Valley and even on our sports pitches causing huge problems.

‘With the public’s help in reporting any sightings to us, we are able to immediately mobilise staff and contact the police to achieve a quick response and move the travellers on.’

Residents are asked to call Streetscene on 0800 0198598 immediately.