‘Keep calm and carry on’ is bad for you

Morning weather and travel

Morning weather and travel

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ACADEMICS in the city have discovered that keeping a stiff upper lip is not good for you.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth monitored 12 people in a team on an expedition to the Antarctic.

Members of the group, who were on a centenary expedition to mark Captain Scott’s 1912 mission, found they were unable to deal with conflict within the group.

Now following the study Dr Chris Wagstaff and Dr Neil Weston say people should not suppress their emotions.

Dr Wagstaff said people feel a weight of responsibility to other people on the trip to suppress their emotions and not air grievances.

He said: ‘This mentality is particularly reflective of sporting, business, and military environments.

‘The participants felt that they needed to manage their emotions by suppressing them in this environment to keep “happy families”, and that this actually had the opposite effect.

‘Without an “out” or “breather” it impaired them mentally and their performance suffered.’