Keeping the beach clean is something we do for everyone

TIDYING UP The team of volunteers taking part in the beach clean at Hill Head
TIDYING UP The team of volunteers taking part in the beach clean at Hill Head
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WE have been organising this for more than 20 years now at the Fareham Society.

We always go to the Meon Shore, right the way along to Brownwich because it’s quite a difficult stretch – once you have left the car, there’s only one point that you can get down there, and then you’re there for the duration.

We’ve got to be quite experts over the years on all the kinds of things you’d expect to find during the clean-ups – there’s lots of straws, bottle-tops, cans and bottles.

This year, the most unusual thing we came across was where someone built a huge mound of cable stripped of all its copper, and piled up there on the beach. It clearly wasn’t washed up there, it wasn’t waterborne.

But most of the litter is very small and gets into the stones and it could get into the wildlife and birds could be harmed by it.

Over the day we filled more than 60 bags of litter and we had more than 50 people taking part.

There are local residents taking part, members of the Fareham Society who come from all across the borough, and for the past couple of years we’ve been joined by people from Geocache, who have been extremely helpful.

We do this for the benefit of everyone who uses the beach, but the people who take part are dedicated and public spirited as it’s not the kind of thing that the council has the resources to do.

The weather does make a difference though. Last year it was teeming down with rain so not many people came. This year was much better. We also run something similar at The Gillies in Fareham.

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