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SAFETY TIPS Sgt Garry Smith of the Havant police service.
SAFETY TIPS Sgt Garry Smith of the Havant police service.
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Sergeant Garry Smith, of Havant Police service urges residents to be vigilant this summer in deterring thieves from the area

Busy that is with our prevention work during this warm weather, as well as supporting our response officers.

At this time of year we are asked to attend many fetes and fayres across the Borough, which is a brilliant opportunity for us to meet the people we serve on a more informal and social basis.

We always want to meet the members of our community so do come and say hello if we are at an event you’re at.

Some key messages I want to get across to the people of Havant during the summer period, is to please, please always consider what a burglar may be thinking.

If you are in the back garden having a barbecue or playing with the children, think: can someone get in through your front windows or door without being noticed? Can they take the things you care about and will miss when they’re gone?

Secure your windows and doors when in or when going out the home.

Also please lock your vehicles at all times when you’re not in them and remove any valuables, especially from vehicles used for work or trailers.

If you’re a delivery driver just dropping a parcel off please lock your doors, regardless of how quick you are going to be.

What is really important to us is being able to communicate directly with people, and at times instantly.

We are very active on Twitter, sharing information and letting people know what we are up to.

You can follow us @HavantPolice.

We also encourage local residents to sign up to Hampshire Alert.

You can register to become a recipient of messages of information, crime alerts and witness appeals local to the Havant area in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle by email, text or telephone.

Just visit hampshire or contact us on for further details.

We run Cops’n’coffee in the Greywell, Leigh Park, open every Tuesday and Saturday from 9am where you can get crime prevention advice and information on any of the above mentioned areas as well as any other type of crime.

You can also get a free coffee or tea at the same time. We also have Cops’n’coffee at The Havant Men’s Shed, Bedhampton, once a month.

For more information on the work we do e-mail: