Kids set to experience summer ‘shake-up’

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A DROP-IN activity from primary school children has moved Public Health England into action.

Today, Change4Life releases a 10-minute Shake-Up campaign in Hampshire with Disney and Sport England.

This follows the news that the number of primary children meeting the recommended amount of physical activity for healthy development and to maintain a healthy weight, which is 60 minutes a day, drops by 40 per cent as they move through primary school.

Angela Baker, deputy director of health and wellbeing for Public Health England South East, said: ‘Whether it is playing balloon volleyball with the Frozen characters, circuit training with Toy Story heroes or hopping with Judy from Zootropolis – this campaign is a chance to get children in the area excited about exercise.

‘Any 10 minute burst of activity counts as a ‘Shake-Up’ and goes towards the hour of exercise each child should do each day. I look forward to seeing what they do.’