KIERAN HOWARD: The cold is starting to bother me after 30 views in a week!

Louie's discovered Frozen. And don't we know it.

Monday, 4th June 2018, 5:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 2:33 pm
Kieran has watched Frozen so many times he's chilled to the bone

I’m blaming Kerrie. She was the one who first put it on for him while I was at work.

I don’t know what was going through her head to be honest.

If only she’d first rung me at the office to canvass opinion.

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The 2013 Disney film has now literally been on a loop in our house for the past week.

We haven’t even stopped the DVD. We just end up picking up the film at random junctures each time we turn on the TV.

Louie doesn’t care where he joins it, though, because he knows he’ll be able to watch it from the beginning when it eventually starts again.

The DVD’s that hot where it’s been running continuously, we’ll be able to cook our morning fry-up on it when we finally take it out of the player.

I know we’re probably alone in saying this, but it’s a film we’d never previously watched.

We purchased it about three years ago, but hadn’t even removed it from its cellophane until that day.

Most of our DVD collection remains in its original packaging these days. It’s because we know we’ll never get round to actually watching and enjoying them anymore.

You rarely get a moment to settle down and put one on when you have a 30-month old.

At least with them wrapped, we can still sell them on in immaculate condition.

Anyway, as much as Frozen is an entertaining spectacle, I’ve now seen it about 30 times in seven days.

It’s verging on torture.

Yes, it keeps the little man quiet and instantly freezes him to the spot whenever we turn on the box - that’s the real advantage of his latest discovery.

However, 30 viewings of it in 168 hours is the real disadvantage from my point-of-view.

I wouldn’t be that enthusiastic about watching it 30 times in my entire life, let alone in one week.

I even walked in on him one afternoon as he had his eyes glued on the screen and his bum glued on the potty.

There was concentration etched all over his face, and for two very different reasons. It was quite something to behold really.

The ‘pot-pot’ was where he then remained for a full half an hour.

Nothing was going to shift him from that spot until the credits started to roll.

If he continues at this rate, we’re going to have to check him in to some kind of rehab for film addicts.

There’s surely a Frozen Anonymous clinic out there somewhere, right?


What’s down the back of your sofa?

If you have a young child, I urge you to check immediately.

Vacuuming the hidden part of this particular furniture is an extremely brave move when you have a toddler.

It’s frightening what can be unearthed when you pull back those cushioned seats.

It’s like travelling back in time or becoming the central figure in a horror story.

I hoovered ours out last week. It had been about three months since it was last done.

You can probably multiply that estimate by at least two as well.

Before Louie, I used to just find loose change down there (notes if I was particularly lucky) and Kerrie’s hair grips.

That’s not all I locate down there anymore.

On my latest delve into the deep I hoovered and retrieved crisps, raisins, sandwich crumbs, half a crayon (I’ve not located the other half), three toy cars, something resembling a banana skin, and something which may once have been an edible slice of cheese.

Oh yes, and a trolley token which we thought he’d lost forever.

We all know how valuable those are, so I was pleased to be reunited with that.

I really can wait to see what I discover on my next journey into the abyss.