Kitchen is destroyed in chip pan blaze

WEATHER: Heavy showers and thunderstorms forecast all weekend in Portsmouth as warning is issued

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A CHIP pan fire destroyed the kitchen of a home.

Fire crews were called to deal with the blaze which started in a house in Melvern Avenue, in Fareham.

One of the family-of-four in the house had turned on the chip pan and then forgotten about it.

A fire broke out and two Fareham fire engines were called to the scene at 6.30pm on Tuesday night.

Watch manager Jim Stone said: ‘There was a family of four in the house. They had put the chip pan on and forgot about it.

‘A fire broke out and there was quite a lot of damage and smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.

‘The key thing they did was shut the kitchen door before they left the house.’

Watch manager Stone has now warned people to be aware of chip pans as they can be hazardous.

He said: ‘Never leave a chip pan alone and if a fire ever breaks out, always shut doors behind you when leaving the building as it delays the fire massively.’

No one was injured.