Lamb kebabs and moussaka ended my veggie challenge

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Last week Lou had an interesting challenge for me – she wanted me to spend the weekend as a vegetarian.

Initially it doesn’t sound like a big deal to spend two days meat-free, but it’s harder than you think.

I’m tempted to make him do it every weekend until he completes the challenge without wimping out!

On Friday night, as my wife and kids enjoyed the autumnal sunshine, they asked me to fire up the barbie for some burgers and sausages.

Watching other people eat a barbecue you’ve just cooked is not fun and the salad I was trying to enjoy was not a good enough treat for a Friday.

But the real test came on Saturday evening when I attended my neighbours’ Greek-themed toga party.

They had laid on a Greek feast and had purchased 3kg of lamb, which had been used in a fabulous moussaka and some kebabs.

This gorgeous display of freshly-cooked meat was far superior to the stuffed vine leaves, olives and butterbean feta salad.

Sadly I caved in and went for the lamb, which tasted amazing. So my vegetarian challenge only survived 24 hours.

Lou: I’ve been vegetarian for about 15 years and Jez is always having a go at me, moaning about my veggie ways and claiming I lead a boring life because I don’t eat meat.

The previous Thursday had been World Vegetarian Day, so I thought he should give it a go.

As it was his wife’s birthday on the Thursday I, rather reasonably, agreed to let him postpone it to the weekend and when we parted ways on Friday I had high hopes.

However I’m not sure his choice of salad on Friday evening was wise. Jez requires a lot of food and salad is not going to do the trick.

Plus there’s so much lovely veggie stuff you can put on a barbecue, so why not experiment?

From what he told me, Saturday morning and daytime went well, but that evening the temptation of Greek lamb kebabs and moussaka proved too much for him.

If you ask me, it’s a rubbish show of willpower.

I’m tempted to make him do it every weekend until he completes the challenge without wimping out!