Landmark former power station in Hampshire set to be blown up

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A FORMER power station is set to be demolished as part of an £800m redevelopment scheme that will see 1,400 homes.

The former Fawley Power Station, a 300-acre site which can be seen from Gosport, would be destroyed in a series of controlled explosions starting in August under plans submitted by a Hampshire consortium.

If the plans are approved, the power station’s 650ft chimney will be blown up as part of the development at one of Hampshire’s best-known landmarks.

The consortium plans to destroy the old power station over two years in a three-phase scheme.

Owners Fawley Waterside plans to build 1,380 homes on the site, plus shops, community facilities and a luxury marina.

The power station shut its doors in 2013 after failing to meet environmental standards. It has since been used for films and TV series including Mission Impossible and the Star Wars movie Solo.