Lauren is a We Can Do It! T-shirt winner

Lauren De Vries
Lauren De Vries
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Lauren De Vries is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner because she is using her own life experiences to help others.

Last year Lauren was diagnosed with cervical cancer after a smear test showed she had high abnormalities. But now the cancer cells have been successfully removed, she is telling other women to go for a smear test.

‘The Facebook page is about me sharing my experiences and encouraging women aged 25 and above to go for a smear test,’ she says.

‘I had put my own one off for a year and then got diagnosed, so it is definitely worth people doing when they are invited to by their doctor.

‘They managed to catch my cancer very early but, without the test, they might not have done.

‘I think it’s important that women go for their tests regularly.’

As well as her own experiences, the Facebook page also has website links and information for people who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Lauren adds: ‘The page is full of websites for people to go to and general information that I received which can help.

‘It can be hard finding all the information on the internet. But with the page it’s all there in one place.’