'Legalise sex trade' call from prostitutes


Prostitutes today called for the legalisation of the sex trade in our communities.

A News investigation today reveals there are an estimated 900 prostitutes working throughout Hampshire.

And today sex workers within our communities said it was time for Portsmouth to have its own regulated red light district. They want it to be legalised and brought into the open, making both workers and clients safer.

One prostitute, 'Cristy', said she and her colleagues should be able to make a living without fear of repercussions.

She said: 'Prostitution should be legalised. It would be safer – and not purely from the girls' point of view but also for the clients, because they don't know what they're going to meet at a house.

'I've heard stories about girls that have big guys hidden in the bathroom ready to cosh them and take their money.

'And if it was legalised the government would get tax.'

She added: 'I can see 100 per cent why religious people might have a problem with prostitution, but then the Bible's got Mary Magdalen.

'It's basically supply and demand, like everything in life.'

Another prostitute, working in Portsmouth under the name of sexy black princess, said: 'I think it should be allowed.People should be able to do what they like and earn money how they like.'

But the call has raised concerns. Taki Jaffer, of Portsmouth Inter Faith Forum, said: 'In Islam prostitution is definitely not allowed. It is very abhorrent.

'If you were going to legalise prostitution you would need to find an area to be a red light district. People going to that location could be branded as going there for that particular reason when they may be going there for perfectly legitimate reasons.

'And I don't think anybody would be happy living next to a brothel.'