Leigh Park home gradually vanishing behind huge hedgerow

OVERGROWN The bush outside the homes in Leigh Park
OVERGROWN The bush outside the homes in Leigh Park
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IT’S so tall it nearly reaches the roof. And now this giant hedge could land a homeowner in court.

Havant Borough Council is considering taking enforcement action against the owner of a property in Boldre Close, Leigh Park, where dense plants have been left to grow over 10ft tall.

NOT HAPPY Carol Shepard

NOT HAPPY Carol Shepard

The front of the house is almost hidden and the vegetation is so thick the homeowner has cut out a 1ft by 2ft space around the front door to get into the property. The garden stands out in an otherwise neat road.

Officers at the council contacted the middle-aged homeowner twice in a bid to get him to tidy up the front garden and have received no reply.

The vegetation is growing over the public footpath.

Neighbour Carol Shepard is one of several residents who reported it to the council.

The 67-year-old has been involved in a long-running dispute with her neighbour over problems with his overgrown back garden and the pair have been to court about it damaging her property.

Mrs Shepard said: ‘I’m disabled and yet I still manage to keep my garden tidy and looking nice so why can’t he?

‘I keep having to chop it down when it comes over my side and I don’t think I should have to.

‘It’s right over the path he shares with his neighbour the other side who is very elderly. It looks awful.’

But another neighbour, Denise Forshaw, 48, said she had not noticed it was overgrown. She said she was surprised the council was taking action.

Councillors on the development management committee will vote tomorrow night on whether to take action against the owner of the property – who could not be contacted by The News.

If they agree, the owner will be ordered to trim the bush to at least 6.5ft and ensure it is cut to within the property boundaries.

He has two months or will face court action. The meeting is at the Public Service Plaza at 5pm.