Let’s hope politicians keep their promises

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So that was it. Six weeks of frantic and, let’s face it, occasionally bonkers campaigning.

A media onslaught pushing voters this way and that. 
And it all came down to yesterday and millions of voters making their way to polling stations to mark crosses next to their favoured candidates. 
There has been much talk, including in the pages of The News, that this could be the election that changes all future elections.

The days of two-party politics are dying and, as we said on our front page on Wednesday, people’s votes count whoever they support and even if their candidate has no chance of winning.

It’s about getting people to engage and encourage the powers-that-be to take steps towards a fairer electoral system. But for now, we must live with first-past-the-post and what it delivers.

Over the past weeks we’ve heard promise after promise, pledge after pledge from politicians of all colours.
 Whether the economy, the deficit, defence, the NHS or education, just about every issue has made its way on to the front pages at some point.

So now, in the cold light of day, we can only hope that those who made those promises and pledges keep them.

The cynicism that so often surrounds politics is very often based on the disappointment voters feel over broken promises.

So maybe, just maybe, this could be the election of change.

Not only is it about smaller parties breaking through, but about those that lead this country keeping their word and making good on their pledges.

Time will tell over the coming days as to exactly how that will happen, but we hope it does. It can only be a step in the right direction.

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