Let’s take care of young people in need

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Reverend Ruth Schofield, vicar of St Columba Church, Fareham, talks about the need to support young people at risk this Christmas

Some are runaways trying to escape difficult situations or even abuse. Some have never had a stable home.

The Children’s Society works hard to care for those who have run away from home and to put them in touch with appropriate support services to tackle the underlying problems.

None of us can have failed to have been moved by the ongoing refugee crisis and it can be hard to know what we can do to help.

Well, the charity also gives practical support to young refugees, helping them to find somewhere safe to stay and helping them on an emotional level too.

On Christmas Eve at St Columba’s, we are holding a Christingle service to raise funds for the charity.

During the service, there will be a chance for everyone to make their own Christingle.

Each of the different elements of the Christingle reminds us of something of the love of God from the beginning of time, to the present day and into the future.

The orange reminds us of the love that God has for the whole world. The four cocktail sticks piercing the skin of the orange represent the four seasons of the year and the fruits and sweets which are displayed on them represent the beauty of the earth. The candle in the top of the orange reminds us that Jesus is the light of world and how his love can bring hope even in the deepest, darkest moments in our lives or in our world.

We will then light our Christingles to sing a traditional Christmas carol, and have a chance to stop among the busyness of our lives to thank God for all the good things we enjoy.

The service is a real opportunity to support children who might not be able to enjoy Christmas. The money raised will go directly to care for vulnerable children and their families, to improve their lives and protect them from harm.

Come and join us for our Christingle service on Christmas Eve and share with us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

n St Columba Church is in Hillson Drive, Fareham.

Christmas services: Christmas Eve – 4pm (Christingle service); 7pm (Carols by Candlelight); 11.30pm (Midnight Mass). Christmas Day – 9.30am (Family Communion)

Call Ruth Schofield on 01329 842 300 or e-mail revrschofield@gmail.com.

Visit htscf.org.uk for more information.