‘Let’s work together to save Portsmouth’s trees’

l''Pauline Powell
l''Pauline Powell
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Pauline Powell, co-ordinator of the Portsmouth and Southsea Tree Wardens, talks about what the group has coming up

TREES matter!

With the central aim of involving communities to champion local trees, the Portsmouth and Southsea Tree Wardens are encouraging friends, neighbours and the public to become more aware and interested in the conservation of our city’s trees.

Local volunteer tree wardens, co-ordinated by the Tree Council and working with Andy Knight, Portsmouth City Council arboriculturist, are already involved in actively planting and caring for trees, spearheading the ‘hedge tree campaign’ to reverse the decline of our hedges by planting fruiting hedges.

Other activities include seasonal foraging, seed-gathering, leading tree appreciation guided walks and encouraging better care for all trees of all ages.

We have a range of upcoming activities for the community to get involved in.

On Saturday, October 31, Milton Neighbourhood Forum is running a Love Your Street Market at Eastney Community Centre, Bransbury Park.

We will have a stand promoting our activities and providing information.

On November 11, a rare Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis), will be planted in the Garden of Hope at the back of the D-Day Museum at 11am in commemoration of the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915/1916.

The original ‘lone pine’ was a sole survivor of a group of trees that had been cut down by Turkish soldiers who had used the branches to cover their trenches during the battle.

The tree was obliterated during the battle. However, some cones were retrieved by two Australian soldiers and taken home to Australia.

The resultant seedlings were found to be a subspecies of Pinus halepensis, the Aleppo Pine.

National Tree Week is being held throughout the country, this year from November 29 to December 5.

An event is taking place at Hilsea Lines, Hilsea, on December 5 with various tree-orientated activities and the tree wardens will have an information stand.

Other activities around Portsmouth will be taking place with tree plantings and seed gatherings to which the public as well as tree wardens are encouraged to attend.

In writing this column we aim to create and renew interest and recruit new members.

If you would like to become a tree warden call me on (023) 9266 7962 or visit portsmouthtree.hampshire.org.uk or follow @portsmouthtree or Twitter.