Let those in need enjoy a nice cuppa

OFFER Andrew Gadsden of All About Tea is supporting the News Christmas Appeal. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133345-8425)
OFFER Andrew Gadsden of All About Tea is supporting the News Christmas Appeal. Picture: Paul Jacobs (133345-8425)
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PUTTING the kettle on and having a nice cup of tea might seem like the norm to most of us.

But for people struggling to afford teabags, a hot beverage is a real luxury.

That’s why Portsmouth firm All About Tea is supporting our Christmas food appeal by slashing the price of their teabags.

The shop in Middle Street is offering customers half-price boxes of tea if they are going to donate them to the Portsmouth Food Bank.

It’s part of The News Christmas Food Appeal to help those in need at a difficult time of year.

Owner Andrew Gadsden said: ‘I realised it would be easy for us to do.

‘If we can make it simple for people to buy some extra teabags then it would cost us no time or trouble whatsoever.

‘It’s one of those small gestures that doesn’t cost much time or money but could make a huge difference to somebody who is struggling to pay the bills or buy food for their families.’

Mr Gadsden said it is important that people do their bit to support those in need.

‘It can be an especially difficult time of year for people,’ he said.

‘There’s a huge amount of pressure to have a special day.

‘It can be a very lonely and miserable time of year if you are struggling.

‘All around you, you see people who are spending money on luxuries when you are struggling to fund the basics.

‘If you are struggling, something like a nice cup of tea is going to make a huge difference to how you are feeling.

‘People who are struggling have got as much right to a nice cup of tea as anybody else.’

Supermarkets across the area have agreed to support the appeal.

All we ask is that you buy an extra item from the list above when you go shopping and put it on our trolley on your way out.

The food will then be distributed to local food banks and churches across the area.



· Tesco, Crasswell Street

· Morrisons, Victory Retail Park

· Morrisons, Anchorage Park

· Sainsbury’s, Farlington

· Portsmouth Food Bank - Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12pm to 2pm, Kings Church, Elm Grove, Southsea

· Portsmouth Food Bank - Tuesday and Thursday, midday to 2pm, Paulsgrove Baptist Church, Woofferton Road, Paulsgrove


· Tesco, Quay Street

· Fareham and Gosport Basics Food Bank - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 1pm to 3pm, Aspect House, Westbury Road, Fareham.


· Morrisons, Walpole Road

· Asda, Dock Road

· Jacobs Well Family Church, Tuesday - 10am to midday, 2a Layton Road, Bridgemary


· Tesco, Solent Road

· Portsdown Community Church, weekday mornings 10am to 12.30pm, The Beacon, 69-73 Meridian Centre, Havant


· Asda, Portland Road

· Morrisons, Lakesmere Road, Horndean

· Waterlooville Food Bank, Monday – 9.30am to 11.30am, Friday - 12pm to 2pm, Wecock Church, Kite Close

News offices

· The News, Lakeside, North Harbour

· Gosport office, 42 High Street, Gosport

· Fareham office, 88 West Street, Fareham

· Havant office, 7 West Street, Havant