Let us remember them in November

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Reverend Andy Norris, Rector of Alverstoke, talks about the importance of remembrance activities in the month of November

November, November. It’s a time for gratitude and a time to remember.

In Alverstoke’s three Anglican churches, as with the other churches across Gosport, November is a time to look back on those who have died who have either shared our life or whose lives were sacrificed for our freedom.

Last Sunday was All Saints Sunday.

It’s a time when we celebrate the joy of faith and of salvation in Christ by keeping in mind those who have gone before us.

It’s a time when we give thanks for the rich heritage of faith and prayer of all who have gone before us in our churches and in our lives.

As part of this our Church Alive service hosted a Light Party in the parish centre for families.

We started in the church itself with joyful music and by welcoming christening families before moving to the parish centre for activities, games, crafts and songs all with the theme of ‘light’.

We made little lanterns out of tin cans with holes in them and tea lights placed inside.

We also laminated autumn leaves.

The whole event was to celebrate the goodness of faith and the light of God’s love in our lives through Jesus.

That evening we held a special All Saints Sunday service to remember those who have died in this area over the last year.

We lit candles for them in the chuch as we read out their names.

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday.

The principal act of remembrance for Gosport is at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

There will be a parade from 10.30am before the service begins at 11am.

The Remembrance Sunday service at Alverstoke Parish Church will begin at 10.30am.

We’ll remember those from this parish who died in war and pray for those who continue to live with the scars of both historic and current war.

There will also be Remembrance Sunday services at St Faith’s Church at 9.30am and St Francis Church at 10.45am.

Donning our poppies, let us remember them with gratitude.

n St Mary’s Church is at Green Road, Alverstoke, PO12 2ET.

For more information about the church or any events planned there, call the parish office on (023) 9258 0551 or visit the website at stmarysalverstoke.org.uk.